X-TRAILS App & Audio-Guide | Solar System Trails
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X-TRAILS App & Audio-Guide

The X-TRAILS App and Audio-Guide adds another dimension to the Solar System Trail experience and can also be enjoyed separately.

The App offers audio and video content about The Atmosphere, The Structure of the Earth and The Solar System. It is the collaborative work of scientists, writers, space artist and voice actors. Its aim is to deliver entertaining and informative content to suit younger and older users alike.

Use the free Audio Guides activated through QR codes whilst walking a Solar System Trail.

Audio-Guides available on the trail

The Solar System Experience – all ages

Listen to a commentary as you journey from the Sun to the eight planets of the Solar System and beyond.

A mission to Mars – ages 4+

Climb up and join Astro, Comet and Professor Edwin Horatius Quintus Van Oort on a fun mission to the red planet Mars.

A voyage to Saturn – ages 7+

Join Anna, Ben and commander Steve ‘the Zoom’ McRocket, on a daring voyage to Saturn.

A Comet’s Journey – all ages

Follow the journey of comets and asteroids across the Solar System as you walk back to the Sun.

Download the App for free from the App store or Google Play.


  • This is an educational app which is free to download.
  • No user information is recorded by Solar System Trails.
  • There are no ads on this app.