The Argenta Solar System Trail
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The Argenta Solar System Trail

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, in collaboration with Solar System Trails, and Chris Kent, Executive Director of Argenta Downtown Council, is delighted to announce the grand inauguration of an exciting new project, the Solar Walk, situated in the heart of Argenta, North Little Rock, near the Innovation Hub. This remarkable project is set to illuminate minds, inspire curiosity, and promote STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) engagement across the Central Arkansas community.

The first installations of the free, accessible Solar Walk are located on North Poplar Street in North Little Rock, between Broadway and Fourth Streets. The panels include facts about the solar system as well as a QR code to listen to an audio guide through the X-Trails app.

The Solar Walk, made possible through the generous grant provided by the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium, has been designed to create a unique and immersive educational experience for all age groups. Solar System Trails, the visionary company behind the development of the Solar Walk, has seamlessly blended science, technology, and art to bring the cosmos closer to Earth.

North Little Rock visitors will find informative signage explaining the solar system, celestial bodies, and their significance. The Solar Walk provides a unique opportunity to enhance science and astronomy education. Schools, museums, and local libraries can organize interactive field trips, allowing students to explore the planets, learn about our solar system, and ignite their passion for science.

Claret Alcala Collins – Communications Manager

Errin Stanger – Director of The Innovation Hub