Transform a Walkway Into a Solar System Trail
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Transforming Walkways Into  Solar System Trails

Solar System Trails offer an enjoyable and educational outdoor activity for all the family, bringing the Sun and Planets to life with 10 interactive displays and accompanying audio guides, spread over half-a-mile or longer.

A valuable outdoor STEM educational addition for Science Centers, Observatories and Campuses. An inspiring recreational activity for Parks, Trails and Resorts and a daytime visitor attraction for Astro Tourism Destinations.

All you need is some outdoor space.

You may not be able to fly to Mars,
But you could walk there…

Go on a journey across the Solar System and experience the Sun and the Planets to scale

Feel the overwhelming sense of space and the far-reaching influence of the Sun.

See the Earth from a new perspective, as our precious and fragile home in the dark.

Bringing the Solar System Trail Experience to another level

The X-Trails Pro App includes a multiple choice audio-guide for all ages, taking you on a tour of the Solar System from the Sun all the way to the furthest known planet, Neptune.